Skeleton King - Falling In Love


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Release Date: 25th February 2022

Skeleton King has been ripping through the UK circuit with his unique take on low-slung UKG, breaks and emotive driven atmospherics; coupled with an unpredictable quality, often combining melodies and rhythms in a distinctive, idiosyncratic tone. With this ability to mix different blends comes Falling In Love, a wide-eyed excursion through love shaped melodies, high-octane energy and futuristic beats.

‘My Joy’ sets pace with its seductive lead line, embraced within a sustained low-end and eyes-closed in the club vocal; before UK rapper and NiNE8 collective member Bone Slim features on ‘Falling In Love,’ displaying a knack for vivid story-telling and his uncompromising style of rap; the collaboration we didn’t know we needed.The A side closes its curtain with a minimal, but no less effective approach in ‘A Question Of Breaks.’

The mind-altering, immersive sounds of ‘Ooh Yh’ on the record's B side draws from a range of influences from UKG to clinging electro, with absorbing interplay between evolving leads and strapping percussion. ‘String Energy’ is just as ear-catching, with it’s fun bubble-gum flavoured vocal snippets and commanding bassline. The track continues to build until an alternative version is thrown into the mix, causing heads to turn and bodies to move before the return of a vocal that is likely to stick in the mind’s of dancers for days to come. 

A1. My Joy

A2. Falling In Love (ft. Bone Slim)

A3. A Question Of Breaks

B1. Ooh Yh

B2. String Energy