Nicky Soft Touch - Lonely City Sampler [10" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 10th December 2021

The next ten-inch cut of the Time Is Now series comes courtesy of Nicky Soft Touch. These four tracks are a taste of things to come, handpicked from an as-yet-unannounced double LP the Bristol native has had in the works since 2019.

Nicky Soft Touch's recent outings include two dusty hip-hop dubplates on London's Ghost Notes Worldwide; for Lonely City Sampler he explores a more British sound. Using a tape deck and a pile of old jungle tapes, cut-up snippets were crafted into an audio collage balancing ambience with rave style crescendos. Driving dubwise bass dominates 'Lost In A Sea Of Rolling Eyes' while disrupted breakbeats meet stuttering chords in 'Lonely City Cut 4'. The closing track's garage-inflected UK techno beat is haunted by spaced out diva vocals, a melancholic mover for city nights.

A1 Nicky Soft Touch - Lonely City Cut 2

A2 Nicky Soft Touch - Lost In A Sea Of Rolling Eyes

B1 Nicky Soft Touch - Lonely City Cut 4

B2 Nicky Soft Touch - And Then There Was The Mass Chanting