M4A4 - Crystal City


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Release Date: 17th December 2021

With a string of releases on Hot Haus, Running Out Of Steam and Distant Horizons, M4A4 is no stranger to creating ear-catching dance music against a backdrop of collective influences, ranging from UKG, house and lunging 2-step. The prolific producer now makes his debut for Breaks ‘N’ Pieces - twisting the standard house template; with one eye on the past and another on the future.

‘Cartier’ creates a spark by combining slinky drums and classic house sounds with an M4A4 signature twist; while also offering a zesty 2-step digi-only version. ‘Enchanter’ is a punchier affair, with layers of nostalgia painted vividly within dreamy pads and M1 organs, before ‘Starbeam’ comes in as smooth as a knife to melted butter, with a bassline as tantalizing as it is hard. Each element within its structures supports another - creating a harmonized symphony of dance-floor conduction.

Responsible for some of the best UK induced music of 21’ - Interplanetary Criminal is on hand to remix, this time with a reflective rendition of ‘Starbeam.’ Neon lights luminate a smoke-filled dance-floor in a kaleidoscope of boundless colour, showing another face to Interplanetary Criminal’s seemingly endless talents.

A1. Cartier (4x4 Mix)

A2. Enchanter

B1. Starbeam

B2. Starbeam (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)