Daffy - Rave Tool


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Available: 15th July 2022

Vivid's unashamedly retro-tinted breakbeat assault continues apace with five more high grade suggest. It is the newly emergent, in form Daffy who follows up a nice EP on Time Is Now earlier in the year with throwback mash up. There are rigid metal chords panning about the mix next to bleeping fax machines and bustling breaks on the opener and from there he doesn't let up. 'Dents' is a bass heavy garage workout with razor sharp hits and 'No Caller ID' drops deeper into warped garage basslines. 'Palm Tree' is pure jungle goodness, and last of all 'Don't Think' is maybe the best of the lot.

a1 Rave Tool

a2 Dents

b1 No Caller ID

b2 Palm Tree

b3 Don't Think