Andrzej Nowak - Cocktail Paint


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Andrzej Nowak is a polish early computer music composer who never found proper place in official contemporary music world. Tracks produced between 1987 and 1994 as a score for never screened animation movies (the producer didn’t like them). Lines of simple sounds, interrupted by primitive electronic trumpet and other fake instruments. Are you sure it’s a film score? What was the thing that producer didn’t like? Weird harmonies or too much rhythm?

a1. Roses

a2. Corn Maze

a3. Mouth

a4. Graphs

a5. Slow Go

a6. We Need A Simple Way

b1. Barber’s Pole

b2. Lo

b3. Don’t Talk Now

b4. Cocktail Paint

b5. Real Scene

b6. Goodbye Flute