Various - Mors Omnibus I [Cassette]


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Release Date: 6th September 2019

A malicious statement of intent from Pact Infernal’s Altar label, Mors Omnibus I is an assemblage of amenable architects of dread summoned together to create a collection of ominous rhythmic rituals.

Silver / Gold C90 Cassette in J Card.

a1. Trepaneringsritualen – Nine Glistening Daggers

a2. Nastika - Enûma Eliš

a3. Skuv - Urzeit (VU Remix)

a4. Pact Infernal - Shahmaran

a5. Korse - Hoji

a6. Ersatz Olfolks - Crescent Beach

a7. DiNT - Stain

b1. Ancestral Voices - Mercurial

b2. Ourea - Thesmophoria

b3. Lemna - Jipaptok

b4. Ultima Anima - Incarnate

b5. Meer - Wa Al'An Al Aadam

b6. Total Disintegration - Zenith

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