Laroye - Colombia 26a


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Release Date 26th April 2019

Widely revered French DJ and producer, Thomas Arroyo aka Laroye has released music exploring a variety of different genres from broken beat on the early days of MCDE and Faces Records, through to funk and boogie with QWESTLIFE on Midnight Riot, Black Riot and ISM Records and beyond. His creativity extends to a number of side projects, like Soul Rüma (with Andre Espeut) and experimental modular jams and atmospheric blues with his own project The Tom Laroye Experiment.

His next release on Tiff's Joints has already received the seal of approval from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Alexander Nut, Volcov and more. The A1, 'Colombia 26a', sets pace for the release with heavy Afro-Latin percussion, a thick bassline and the type of dexterous musicality the label is steadily becoming known for. 'The Trickster' is built around an infectiously squelchy keys part, bolstered by a bouncing bassline, the track culminates in a soaring lead melody and ridiculous synth solo. 'Espiritú' is more downtempo and spacey. Kicking off with a relentlessly driving and hypnotic polyrhythm, and complete with an uplifting choral arrangement, seriously trippy lapsteel guitar (?!) and a mysterious guiding voice.

01. Colombia 26a

02. The Trickster

03. Espiritú

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