Kym Amps - You Don't Know My Name


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Release Date: 14th June 2019

A fruitful collaboration between lyricist Andrew Birtles, composer David Watts, producer Dave Foister, and the beautiful voice of Kym Amps of which only two tracks were released on a 7". Now, almost 40 years after the original release date, the full album finally sees the light of day through Monte Cristo.

Kym Amps' powerful and moving vocal performance is supported by minimal electronic new-wavish arrangements that were produced with, at the time, cutting edge equipment.

a1. Kym Amps - You Don't Know My Name (But I Know You)

a2. Kym Amps - Out Of This World

a3. Kym Amps - I Must Be Seeing Things

b1. Kym Amps - You Love Me

b2. Kym Amps - The Sound Of Your Voice

b3. Kym Amps - Who's Afraid

b4. Kym Amps - Days Like These

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