Kreidler - Mosaik 2014 (10th Anniversary Reissue White LP)


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Release Date: 15th March 2019

Kreidler celebrate the 10th anniversary of their groundbreaking 2009 album, Mosaik 2014, with a remastered edition. The reissue of the record features an updated track list and is pressed onto 140g white vinyl.
Mosaik 2014 – that's how it is meant to sound. Arrangements that feel right, without me being able to map them out because all of the lines are woven together so intricately, and because the album was recorded mainly in a week of live sessions. 

Above all, this record has more. More rhythm, drums, percussion. More keyboards, better yet synthesizers that are immediate and cannot be turned away, sounds that demand something and yet retain great mystery. More off-kilter loops and more electrical storms. But it is all there to serve the same purpose: to make this the best Kreidler album of all Kreidler albums. There is a directness, and things come to the point while still leaving enough free space. There is longing, solace, fulfillment. In other words, big emotions.

01. Mosiak 

02. Zero

03. Maruader 

04. Brass Cannon 

05. Luminous Procuress 

06. High Witchita 

07. European Grey 

08. Impressions

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