Fracture & Sam Binga - Omura [2x12" Vinyl LP w/ Gatefold Sleeve]


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Release Date: 22nd April 2022

Omura is Fracture and Sam Binga’s fantastical Electro LP. The duo set out on a study of the creative process and to explore the relationship between magic and art via their love of world-building acts such as Drexciya and The KLF. 

The music was built piecemeal, sometimes sweating through 72hr sessions in a tiny studio in Hornsey, other times bouncing files up and down the virtual M4 between Bristol and London. “We took chords from 30 year old digital synths, worked entire tracks around them before suddenly pitching them down entire octaves, revelling in the digital flotsam that suddenly jumped out at us.” The process was fluid and never questioned. The raw creativity flowed, almost as if channelled from an external source. Visions of an ecosystem appeared - Sea, Land, Air and Earth - held together by mythical creatures and technology. So strong was the energy, that the duo felt compelled to name it and offer gratitude.  “Never in our wildest dreams did we foresee that simply writing music with no deliberately stated goals or aspirations would somehow end up with a full magic ritual in a forest on the edge of London. Somehow it felt right and has ultimately left us to consider what else is possible when you let go and just allow things to play out?” 

An unknown whale, migrating across an uncharted sea. Eyes staring from the sky, from the trees, from the roots. Joy springs from the earth, life bursts through like sunlight. Virtual mountains captured on obsolete media, slowed down to the pace of a glacial lake. The threads exist outside the ego and offer guidance.

a1. Fracture & Sam Binga - Omura

a2. Fracture & Sam Binga - Advisory List

b1. Fracture & Sam Binga - Maps

b2. Fracture & Sam Binga - Folds

b3. Fracture & Sam Binga - Lake

c1. Fracture & Sam Binga - Xtatic

c2. Fracture & Sam Binga - Termites

c3. Fracture & Sam Binga - Cold Edge

d1. Fracture & Sam Binga - Conditional

d2. Fracture & Sam Binga - 6 Foot Drift