Cygnus - Deep Analysis


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Release Date - 3rd May 2019

Cygnus aka Phillip Washington returns home to CPU with Deep Analysis. Six tracks of nebulous compositions all containing his signature emotional and melodic electro.

Sheffield Bleep is an ode to CPU Records complete with an old school vocoder rap over CR-78 rhythms. Deep Analysis is an answer to one of Washington's favourite tracks 'Sleep Paralysis' by Mikron. Ultraterrestrial, Her Majesty and Descent of Man are beautiful si-fi electronic music without comparison. The E.P. wraps things up with Hallucinate Data cementing Cygnus as a master of the genre.

01. Her Majesty (The Universe)

02. Sheffield Bleep

03. Deep Analysis

04. Ultraterrestrial

05. Decent of Man

06. Hallucinate Data

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