ASC - The Abyssal Plain [Marbled 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 17th May 2019

Traversing the tempo range, ASC is renowned for his versatility and ability to remain a consistent sign of quality no matter what sound he takes on. With his most recent foray into the Grey Area sound and his own unique take on Techno for labels like Horo, Semantica, ARTS and his own Auxiliary, ASC’s sound repertoire has expanded and been wholeheartedly embraced by a wider audience. 

The Abyssal Plain sees James briefly returning to the tempo with which he initially perfected his craft. The Siren and Pyrrhic Parts I & II reboot the 85 / 170 Tempo with an advanced retake on the approach he mastered. Acidic scapes and soaring harmonies colour the discernible ASC frames. This is music to get lost in. Currents is an upfront 128bpm version of the ASC sound, a Grey Area / Techno blend that completes this formidable futurist quartet.

a1. ASC - The Siren

a2. ASC - Pyrrhic (Part I)

b1. ASC - Pyrrhic (Part II)

b2. ASC - Currents

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