ASC & Inhmost - The Moons Of Saturn [CD]


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Release Date: 29th October 2021

The Moons Of Saturn is the second deep space collaborative project from ASC & Inhmost. Picking up where Dimensional Space left off, The Moons Of Saturn goes even deeper than its predecessor, whilst exploring similar subject matter. There's lots to be in awe of here, from the opening arps floating in the white noise of space debris on Symphony Of Rhea, right through to the expansive 14 min+ epic of Reflections From Enceladus. If you enjoyed Dimensional Space, you're going to be right at home orbiting The Moons Of Saturn with us.

01. Symphony Of Rhea

02. Sunrise On Titan

03. A Storm On Tethys

04. The Secret Of Fenrir

05. Pan, The Shepherd Moon

06. Reflections From Enceladus