Anthony Naples + DJ Python - Air Texture VIII [2 x 12"]


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Release Date: 17th June 2022

The co-curated Air Texture Compilation series returns with two Brooklyn based selectors.

As the cost of living in Manhattan proper moved artist minded migration patterns further afield, places like East Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Ridgewood became post-cultural centers in a way, with producer after producer gaining international recognition in the last 10+ years.  New clubs such as Nowadays, Knockdown Center, and Elsewhere furthered the momentum, anchored by first mover Bossa Nova, and important festivals like Mutual Dreaming and Dweller came soon after.  

Collectively, the stage was set for a beautiful moment in electronic music history, still unfolding, and maybe something that could only happen in the States in a place like Brooklyn. 

A1. Parris - springtime flows in three ways
A2. Anthony Naples & DJ Python - Entoure

B1. Bitter Babe & Nick León - Ecotone
B2. 5AM - Years
C1. Mr. Curtains - Hop
C2. Beta Librae - Treble Stitch

C3. rrao - Zindagi

D1. downstairs J - 1000 dumplings
D2. Huerco S. -Latautii