The Reflex - DMMWTL / RPSSD


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The find of the year? Hidden amongst the master tapes for that Roberta Flack song written by Stevie was Stevie's own guide vocal, never heard of until now.. Not just a basic guide vocal, but a full on, passionate Stevie performance that makes this sound like a long lost Stevie classic, overshadowing Roberta's sweet vocal delivery, taking this soul masterpiece to new heights. With Stevie on Drums and keys also, the master at the top of his game.

On the flip side, a classy slice of Philly disco, Reflexed without the rather dated and cheesy Linda Clifford song, focusing on the killer grooves and morphing it into a horn / guitar riff laden track, hands in the air style!

a1. The Reflex - DMMWTL

b1. The Reflex - RPSSD