Schvitz Edits 001: Bwana/Nathan Micay


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Released 9th February 2018

Schvitz Edits is the brand new label from Nathan Micay aka Bwana. Each 12’’ will contain two edits of classic, non-dance music songs and bring them into a modern and most definitely dance friendly context. After proving himself as a fearless remixer with his Capsule’s Pride album on LuckyMe in 2016, Micay brings the heat on two very original remixes. On side A we have a dance floor ready interpretation of Dr. John’s classic ‘I Walk On Guilded Splinters’ while the flip sees Gordon Lightfoot’s ode of heart break ‘Oh, Linda’ transformed into an early 90’s trance anthem. A very fresh take on the classic white label edits formula!

a. Dr. John - I Walk On Gilded Splinters (Nathan Micay's Gumbo Theremin Edit)

b. Gordon Lightfoot - Linda (Nathan Micay's Trance Pluckathon Remix)