Hoffy - Hoffy Disco Edits


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Release Date: 6th November 2020

Complete with more gorgeous artwork from our favourite graphic designer, Animisiewasz, DP number 28 pops up offering four dance floor ready edits from one of our favourite young producers.

London based producer, multi-instrumentalist and artist Hoffy brings us five explosive disco/house monsters tailor made for when the clubs re-open and everyone goes ever so slightly nuts. With a couple of ridiculously uplifting releases on Forgot Records and a remix or two for Wah Wah 45s, of course, he knows how to move a crowd. His productions illustrate his deep love of classic (but never cheesy) disco, and an ability to create surges of energy even on the most docile of dance floors.

We hope you enjoy this craftily concocted quintet of soulful stunners that could easily sit alongside O'Flynn, early Romare and Dave Lee on your shelves. Another essential slab of foot friendly heat courtesy of your favourite Dubplate provider!

a1. Bunny's Down

a2. Lamont's A Believer

b1. Mel's House

b2. Music For Lifts

b3. Precious Friends