Flipside - Havin a Party [7" Vinyl]


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Released 23rd September 2016

Before the technical and historical chat this is what we have... Super rare local Michigan disco 45 in the vein of 'Long Train Running' but better, that should be enough to click buy I would hope. Flipside were a typical local radio rock band drawn into the disco funk wave and became known locally in Michigan as the "the long Haired Disco Band Guys." The Record is notable as it was produced by David Kalmbach, this Michigan legend owned Great Lakes Recording Studio which played a very important role in the garage rock movement by offering teen bands the chance to record a 45 that could be sold off the bandstand or at local record shops, given to potential employers, and even get airplay on one or more of the many AM rock and roll radio stations that dotted the state. Band member Dave Stewart went on to be in "The Magnificent Men" (A.K.A. Blue eyed soul brothers.) who were the first ever band to open for James Brown at The Apollo Theatre and also played with Eddie Holman, Soul Survivors & The Four Tops.

a1. Havin a Party

b1. Music (Gets Me High)