Before - The Best: Classics Chapter 2 [12" Solid White & Black Vinyl]


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Release Date: 22nd April 2022

This time we have one of the most acclaimed duos in the history of our music, we will all remember that wonderful Golden Age of breakbeat in Andalusia, they are Dj Jams & Jerry Ropero, better known in the Breaks scene as Before or also with their other Aka , B4 Angels Of New House, Supergroove or Groove Masters.

Welcome to the monkey family <3

Without a doubt, this duo left a mark on our hearts with many of their tracks, which became anthems of our scene.

At 13Monkeys Records we have always been committed to spreading music to the greatest number of people so that everyone can enjoy it, we believe that this is what our work consists of and perhaps the edition that we have already launched in transparent purple has been too limited, but still this vinyl will be a more exclusive piece for anyone who owns one of these copies.

We don't stop thinking about it and we have chosen to order some copies again, but we also don't want this to stop being an exclusive and striking product, so we have decided to make a change and order again only 150 copies in a mix of colors (Solid White & Black)

We believe that this is the fairest thing so that all our followers can enjoy this compilation as they have been doing so far with each of our releases.

So if you ran out of your copy….. Now you have the opportunity to get one of these.

a1. Believe In Love

a2. Peace Of Garden (Break Beat Stuff)

b1. Somebody 

b2. Somebody (The Monkeys Mix)