Submorphics - Verona Highway


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Release Date: TBA 2022

Since his first Submorphics release on The North Quarter, the Detroit native has tenaciously developed his unique brand of lo-fi, deep drum & bass. With his new six-track EP ‘Verona Highway’, the Den Haag-based producer has created what he calls “a late night Detroit to Chicago road trip aesthetic”. Rooted in the underground, this project is an assemblage of techno, footwork and soulful house influences fused with his own signature earworm melodies, deep minor chords and the modern North Quarter drum & bass sound. The result is an EP that feels emotive and nostalgic while maintaining a modern atmosphere. 

'Verona Highway’ marks the return of Submorphics to The North Quarter, just over a year after his critically acclaimed Newport Magnetic EP. Reminiscent of night time drives and peaceful after hours, the EP is a collection of warm, dreamy and sentimental music and is the ultimate soundtrack for serene summer nights.

a1. Lucinda

a2. Shadow Red

a3. Orchestra 313

b1. Dawn of the Rebirth ft Satl

b2. Electric Winter Sky

b3. Starchild’s Theme