Etch - Sloppy Rhythm Trax EP


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Release Date: 29th April 2022

Noted for his vast and psychedelic bass heavy productions, Brighton based producer Etch pulls out four killers for the ‘Sloppy Rhythm Trax’ EP on Hypercolour.

With a pedigree that has bestowed labels like IllianTape, Sneaker Social Club, LMD SunkWorks and TempOzone with exceptional singles and albums, the man like Etch fires on all cylinders for his Hypercolour debut.

Impenetrable and heady vibes are served up on ‘Lazyville’, whilst‘ Gaia’s Mainframe’ give us some of that aforementioned psychedelic bass in spades!‘ 

Pluto’s Groove’ tears into jungle and d‘n’b territories ,rinsing out the acid breaks vibes, whilst ‘Belladonna & The Poppies’ throws down more sub bass frequencies in a dusty and decidedly chugging EP finale.

a1. Lazyville

a2. Gaia's Mainframe

b1. Pluto's Grave

b2. Belladonna & The Poppies