TNT Roots - Mighty in Battle / Tears of the Righteous


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Release Date - 5th April 2019

Crippling bassweight, synthesized eski pre-sets, rootsy chimes and steppas vamps collide on this 12" of future soundsystem artillery from a true dub musical legend.

TNT Roots' contribution to dub is seismic, almost dinosauric, but through some glitch in universe fabric, 'Mighty In Battle' is his first official vinyl release. As half of Earthquake - he's responsible the darkest, most slept-on future dub to grace Bokeh ears. Long unavailable LPs like Revelation in DubandDub Harder Than Steel make obvious an understated lineage flowing from 90s steppas down to jungle, grime, hardcore, darkcore, doomcore - all of the cores really. TNT and Earthquake's rightful place alongside those mystic giants, Iration Steppas, is more than assured by those that know.

Both tracks are presented here inna try 90s 12" fashion with 3 alternative/dub mixes.

01. Mighty in Battle

02. Mighty in Battle 2

03. Mighty in Battle 3

04. Tears of the Righteous

05. Tears of the Righteous 2

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