Syko & Mak - Murda EP [12" Blood Red Vinyl]


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Release Date: 24th July 2020

It's early 1992, and we'd just created our first track using nothing more than a 4 track sequencer loaded onto an Amiga plugged into a crude 8-bit sampler.  That track was "Rock Ya Body".  At that time I worked part time in Rob Haigh's Parliament Music Record shops and had got to know him well.  I had no idea the impact that "Rock Ya Body" would have as we played a tape of that first recording to Rob.  On the strength of that one track, Rob decided to start up the PM label there and then.  We sealed the deal over a few cans of Stella and it wasn't long before we'd written 3 more tracks.  The tracks were mastered and recorded in Rob Playford's makeshift studio, who had just started his journey with Moving Shadow.  Simon & Mark were now Syko & Mak and the Murda EP became the first release on the PM label.  Remastered by Syko and Mike Badger during Lockdown 2020; unearthing and using stems and parts from the original tracks.  This EP is where it all started... 

a1. Syko & Mak - Murda

a2. Syko & Mak - Rock Ya Body

b1. Syko & Mak - Take Me Back

b2. Syko & Mak - Jungle Juice

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