Dandeloo / Lamalice - Onogawa Kisaburō


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Available: 22nd April 2022

Our family members Dandeloo and Lamalice finally join forces for their first vinyl release on Sentaku, perfectly embodying legendary Onogawa Kisaburō's spirit and energy. Famously considered as one of Japan's most gifted sumo wrestlers under Tokagawa's reign in the Edo period, he was one of the few to match Tanikaze's skill and reputation.

Dandeloo kicks off the EP with 'Infinite Path', a powerful rhythm perfectly meeting midway between a soothing comfort and an aggressive storm, followed by Lamalice's 'Annihilation', which pretty much describes itself! Starting the B-side with 'Onogawa Kisaburō', an exploding rhythm that dazzles at every encounter, exactly like the wrestler would in the sumo ring. Finally, Dandeloo closes with 'Dream Machine', a nostalgic and emotional track symbolising Onogawa's skills and perseverance over the years.

A1. Dandeloo - Infinite Path

A2. Lamalice – Annihilation

B1. Lamalice - Onogawa Kisaburō

B2. Dandeloo - Dream Machine