ASC - Realm of the Void [Clear Vinyl 2x12" in Artwork Sleeve]


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Release Date: 13th December 2019

Realm Of The Void is the second instalment in ASC's recently launched 'Realm' series, and once again the format remains the same; 8 tracks spread over two pieces of vinyl. From the opening densely spaced-out Dyad, to the bubbling synth tones of Uracil, the vibe is a little darker and abstract when compared to Realm Of The Infinite. There's a lot to digest in terms of sound design, with something new seemingly appearing around every corner. The Grey Area template has been expanded upon, showing what is possible with the tempo and time signatures contained in the album, and paving the way for future ASC experiments.

a1. ASC - Dyad

a2. ASC - Laminar Flow

b1. ASC - Cytosine

b2. ASC - Ecdysis

c1. ASC - Sea of Static

c2. ASC - Node

d1. ASC - Tryst

d2. ASC - Uracil