96 Back - TBQFH EP


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Release Date: 15th May 2020

Via a trio of critically releases for the CPU label (two EPs and an album), Sheffield born Evan Majumdar- Swift, AKA 96 Back, delivers an eclectic EP for Hypercolour.

Leaning on, but by no means restricting himself, to the bleep roots of the Steel City, the ‘TBQFH’ EP assembles four highly accomplished tracks of head scrambling and fearless electronics. From the beat science of ‘Fe Symbolic’ to the widescreen sound palette at play in ‘Party Animal’, 96 Back flaunts a distinctive and bold dexterity.

a1. 96 Back - Party Animal

a2. 96 Back - Cosied By

b1. 96 Back - TBQFH

b2. 96 Back - Fe Symbolic

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