Tony Q & Barry Scran - Bout To Get It EP


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Release Date: 25th February 2022

Tony Q & Barry Scran, also known as production and DJ duo 't e s t p r e s s', substitute their well-beloved moniker on Bout To Get It EP and explore a more world-building approach to their productions; featuring four patient and intricate pieces in search of new ground.

‘You Should Be Listening’ opens up the A-side with its larger-than-life and levitating textures, held in suspense by its solidified groove. ‘Bout 2 Get It’ comes in steady, and hits pace at the one minute park; the track's bassline opening and closing for maximum effect, and a tantalising vocal-loop that helps build as much suspense as it keeps the track in forward-motion.

‘Vivarium’ show’s off the pairing's knack for hybridized methods, with its UKG drum patterns and trance-tinged leads; paired with a sense of optimism and world-building, it feels like a special and versatile record; fit for multiple purposes. Finally ‘Horsepower’ shuts things down with enough energy and grace to close any set. The duo unleash a barrage of layered brakes against a silhouette of hypnotic leads and gnarly bass; embodying many of the ideas and knowledge from previous tracks, into a breathless masterstroke. 

A1. You Should Be Listening

A2. Bout 2 Get It

B1. Vivarium

B2. Horsepower