Project 16 - Beauty Comes EP


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Available From: 1st October 2021

Liberationparty Records welcome the long-standing producer, Dj and vocalist Tempo O’Neil under his Project 16 pseudonym, for a new EP that draws on his long life of musical experiences having first started singing aged just 14. A storied life has seen this London based Luton-er become a member of the Saxon Sound System, a player in the acid house revolution, employee of Big City Records and producer with a long list of credits on numerous top labels & performed live sets for many top names. Always evolving his sound, he is as vibrant in the studio now as ever and still exploring new ground. Opener ‘It’s Alright It’s Okay’ is a gorgeous deep house track with warm, effervescing keys and bass and the sort of timeless vocal that immediately tugs at the heart strings. Pads swirl like cosmic clouds and add scale to this most heady groove. The superb ‘Take Some time Out’ then picks up the pace with a Larry Heard influenced house sound. Poised chords and sci-fi feelings permeate the crisp beats and more of O’Neil’s syrupy, heartfelt vocals add rich and irresistible layers. Closing out this fantastic EP is ‘When Beauty Comes’, with bleeping keys dancing about the scales as pained singing sucks you in and the weightless drums suspend you in space. This is a classically inclined EP that feels fresh while packing a real emotional punch.

a1. Project 16 - It's Alright, It's Okay

b1. Project 16 - Beauty Comes

b2. Project 16 - Take Some Time Out