Outlier / Con'Natural / Government Fun - RESV001


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Release Date: 30th September 2022

RESV001 features remixes by Nookie, Makoto and Seba, names widely accepted amongst peers as being among the most prolific producers of today. Also featured are vocal productions from the legendary MC Conrad, label favourites Outlier, and music from rising talent Governmentfun. A timeless release for connoisseurs of the deeper side of drum and bass that seamlessly blends heritage sounds, atmospherics, and futuristic grooves for the dancefloor.

A1 Outlier - Northern Lights

A2 Outlier - Northern Lights (Seba remix)

B1 Con'Natural feat. MC Conrad - Lean Upwards (Makoto remix)

B2 Government Fun - Lost Soul (Nookie remix)