Cooper Saver - Coastal Breeze


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Release Date: 19th April 2019

Cooper Saver is a Los Angeles based DJ and producer responsible for the Far Away party, cassette mixtape series, and radio show on Dublab. For the last 6+ years, Cooper has consistently brought unique and underrated talent from abroad for his late-night warehouse party while also regularly traveling around the world to DJ.

As a producer, Cooper maintains a steady flow of remixes – recognized most for frequent remixes on DFA Records. As of late, Cooper’s original music is finally starting to surface – starting with a debut full EP on Permanent Vacation. Coastal Breeze is a collection of tracks Cooper produced at home in LA over the last year or so, aimed at the late night dance floor with an injection of California sunshine.

Close friend and local hometown hero Indra Dunis of Peaking Lights was summoned for vocal duty on "The Search," rounding off this release as the ultimate embodiment of Cooper's surroundings.

a1. The Search (feat. Indra Dunis)

a2. The Search (feat. Indra Dunis) [Vocal Dub Mix]

b1. Coastal Breeze

b2. Hypnotic Beat Tool

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