FFF - Never Give Up


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Released 17th August 2018

Dutch master FFF (Criterion, Myor, Diamond Life, Planet Mu, PRSPCT RVLT amongst many others) returns to 7th Storey Projects with his first fully solo EP on the label following on from the success of the 2017 Double Dragon EP (in conjunction with Coco Bryce).

The EP opens up with the gloriously uplifting 'Never Give Up (The Vibes)', with it's pitched up vocals, huge oscillating riffs and frenetic drumwork - Tommy shows once again he can flip his hand to any style.

Backed up with the deep and rolling 'Heart' and the dark and deadly amenistic smasher 'Evolved As One' on the B-side, we're immensely proud and honoured to have FFF back on 7th Storey.

a1. Never Give Up (The Vibes)

b1. Heart

b2. Evolved As One

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