Various Artists - Monkey Jumps [12" Crystal Water Coloured Vinyl]


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Release Date: 10th December 2021

We have no words to describe the great reception we received with our latest release 13MRLP003 and that is why we have decided to launch this limited edition of only 150 copies for the most fanatics of the jumpsuit, in colour (Crystal Water) a mix of colours "Transparent, Solid Silver & Solid Blue "

An authentic collector's item that you should not miss.

For this occasion you can hear on the face A two tracks of our most versatile monkey, he is .... Sekret Chadow and he first presents his new track Far Away "a very fresh song, full of joy that will reach you as far as Deeper of the heart, in second place "Funkarenda" This powerful track ideal for the soundtrack of Pursuit through the branches part II

On the B side you can hear the smallest monkey in the group, he is Adam Vyt, he includes the version (Vocal Mix) of his track “Dreams”, a track created with a lot of love, the same love that the producer from Cádiz wants to show you. .. that we get melancholic ..

Finally to finish off the job as it deserves ... we introduce you to a new member of our great family from Holland ... he is Case 82 and he brings us his biggest hit "I Want Your Love" a track loaded with pianos and drums to the purest old school style <3 welcome to the family friend.

Thank you very much to all of you who are supporting us, without you this would not be possible <3

a1. Sekret Chadow - Far Away

a2. Sekret Chadow - Funkarenda

b1. Adam Vyt - Dreams

b2. Case 82 - I Want Your Love