Unearthed Store Updates

This week we have made some improvements to the site. It's been a while since we have modified the appearance of the site, but the following updates have been in the works for a little while.

Latest Site Updates Include:

  • Thumbnail images related to products reduced in size
  • Best Sellers section added to homepage
  • Recently Viewed & Featured Recommendations section added to genre pages
  • Customers who Bought this also bought.. section added to product pages

The thinking behind reducing the size of the thumbnails was simply to create a better navigation experience on the site. The ability to basically fit more content on the page and allow people to quickly scan through latest releases a little bit easier.

As time progresses the 'Best Sellers' and 'Recommendations' will improve in accuracy based on customer habits. So initially what you are seeing in these sections may not be a fair reflection of sales habits until there is more data going through the system.

unearthed best sellers

Hope you like the updates.
If you have any comments/criticisms or improvements you would like to see then do get in touch with us.

Thanks as ever for your support!