Unearthed Sounds - Mix Series, Vol. 3 [J.Robinson]

Unearthed Sounds - Mix Series, Vol. 3 [J.Robinson]

Stepping up for Vol. 3 of our series we will be doing with artists and labels we represent - is none other than WhoDemSounds label owner J.Robinson!

Check out the WhoDemSound label catalogue right here.

Hi Jack, thanks for running a little selection for us, part of our continuing series. How was 2017 and how is 2018 shaping up for you?

No worries : ) 2017 was really positive musically thanks! Been working with lots of great people and after years of doing different music feel like i’ve found where I belong musically and personally with the musical people I now have around me.

So, introduce this selection for us, what have we got going inside?

This is little 30 minute selection of a basically some music I am really feeling, you have music from the likes of Sister Habesha, Rebel Spirit Sound, Chazbo, Babe Roots along with several sneak peaks at some forthcoming WhoDemSound material.. hope you enjoy!

“Herbs Like These” featuring Darien Prophecy was one of our top releases last year, could you tell us a little more about the release and the collaboration?

Well it was funny as we recorded that track to a completely different beat to what it has now, I basically got so frustrated with the mix down I deleted the whole project apart from the vocal and started from fresh lol, came out with a result I was happy with : ) especially the dub..

Tell us a little bit about the set-up within Whodem? Who’s involved and who brings what to the table? 

WhoDemSound is my label predominantly releasing all my own productions featuring singers and instrument players along with some other artists from around the world, it was established in 2014, distributed the wonderful Unearthed : )

You also run a selection of other fine labels, could you talk about that a little?

Yeh, well I have always been into different genres and I am very open to lots of music, Tribe 12 was something I started before WhoDemSound was created when I was making more Drum and Bass & Dubstep music, I always steered toward the more organic percussive sound of things so this is where that started.

More recently I have started a jungle label called Cool'N'Easy Records, a Grime reissue label called Ease & Sekkle along with TheMostHigh which was designed to show a more minimal & mystical side of dub music with the name of the artist being hidden so its just about the vibes and not the who.. : )

Have you got any information you maybe able to share with us as regards any releases you have forthcoming or pencilled in either personally or for the label?

Yes of course! : ) I have several releases on the way WHODEM019 produced by iSt3p - Shiva, a long awaited dubplate finally seeing the wax treatment. WHODEM020 which is a 10 inch due in Feb / March feat Micah Shemaiah, Jah Mirikle & myself on Melodica, WHODEM021 is also a 10’’ by myself entitled “Kshatradharma” with a dub on the flip, this one is heavy steppa vibe. WHODEM021 is a collaborative release with myself and iSt3p feating Fikir Amlak which will be a 180g 12" which I am very much looking forward to, lots of other projects being finished at the moment but keeping them hush for now ; )

Are you a vinyl purist or are all formats welcome?

I am easy to be honest, of course I love the physical aspect of a record but not fussy… as long as its being played with love for the music and a conscious mind I am down for people doing their own thing for sure!

What’s inspiring you right now creatively? Could be a particular genre, an artist or something not related to music at all.

I would say my daughter recently coming into the world, anyone following me on social media can see she has had a massive impact on me, I think when you have time on your hands you can get sucked into music politics and it gets in the way of the raw thing we are all in it for .. The love of the music. Now I have this new life it has helped me to respect the time I have for creating and generally makes my outlook on everything more positive and pro active.

What was the last piece of musical equipment you bought?

An Akai Midimix and a Reason ignition key! I have a larger midi mixing desk (I know I know I am a robot and should by outboard) and I wanted something I can use on the go so this was the one for me, the ignition key is be able to use Reason offline, not very interesting i’m afraid.

If you could choose any track, ever, to remix, what would you choose?

Wow, there is so many.
I think if I had to choose one tune to run a live dub mix off it would be Bob Marley - Waiting in vain, that song is perfect in every way for me.

What was your favourite release of last year? Across any genre. Tricky question eh… also, what are you listening to a lot right now?

At the moment I am listening to all sorts from Hip-Hop to Jazz and exploring Soul and Funk records. One release from last year for me It would have to be Maasai Warrior (Kai Dub) featuring Donovan King Jay - Zion Gate Close on Maasai warrior, TUNE!

Big up Jack! Here’s to 2018 and another successful year for your long list of labels as well as your own productions. Big thanks for putting the mix together for us.

Mix available to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Youtube!