Unearthed Sounds - Mix Series, Vol. 2 [Overlook]

Unearthed Sounds - Mix Series, Vol. 2

Stepping up for first artist mix of the year - and Vol. 2 of our series we will be doing with artists and labels that we represent - is none other than UVB-76 affiliate Overlook. Our interview with Jason follows.

Check out the full UVB-76 label catalogue here.

Hi Jason, thanks for doing the first mix of 2018 as part of our continuing series! How was 2017 for you buddy?

2017 was one of the best years so far in my career as an artist, so many highlights to talk about but releasing my debut album and also being a part of Pessimist’s album on Blackest Ever Black were two huge achievements for me. I also had the chance to play in some amazing places, such as New York, Washington DC & various other cities around Europe. No complaints from me on last year.

Your album via UVB-76 was one of the releases of 2017 for a lot of people. How do you feel about the record now you can sit back and reflect on it?

I feel extremely proud of the album and the reception it had, we knew people would enjoy it but certainly didn’t expect the high praise and support across the board that it gained. When I saw people from other genres like Samuel Kerridge & Monic supporting it I realised we had gone beyond even our own expectations for it. Hopefully people can enjoy for years to come.

What’s the set-up within the UVB camp? Who’s involved and how do you find splitting up the responsibilities etc?

Well it’s Nick from Ruffhouse and Gremlinz label, they oversee everything, but it’s really a group effort amongst the core UVB-76 artists. I know Nick & Gabriel consider me as much a part of the label as themselves so I feel very happy and comfortable giving my own input on releases, artwork etc. We were all close friends years before the label started, so we have no problems working together and pushing things forward as a group. UVB-76 represents our crew and what we are about.

Have you got any information you maybe able to share with us as regards any releases you have forthcoming or pencilled in either personally or for the UVB-76 label?

As for the label all I can say is there is a lot of fantastic music to come this year, from core artists to some newcomers. I don’t want to spoil anything so just keep an eye out and everything will be revealed in due time.
For my own music I also don’t want to go into specifics but I have a couple of EP’s to come early this year, amongst plenty of other things. I also recently did a remix for Metalheadz which should come out early 2018 as well. Other than that i’m also working on other genres under a new alias I have made, so you can also keep an eye out for some very different material going forward. I’m really excited for the future and what’s to come.

Are you a vinyl purist or are all formats welcome?

I love vinyl as much as the next person, it’s how I started with DJ'ing and anything I feel a strong connection to i’ll always try to grab a physical copy, but i’m certainly not a purist. Format is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, the music itself is the important thing.

Being local to us we have known you a number of years and know that outside of D&B you have a deep love of film and also music such as Joy Division, could you talk to us about how and if you find inspiration from this?

Inspiration comes from many places in many ways, you see or hear things that then translate into ideas and then try to form that idea into something tangible. I think it’s really important as a musician to listen to all different kinds of music so as you can take influence from things outside of the genre you write in, for example if I were to only listen to drum and bass all day then I feel that I would only be regurgitating pre-existing ideas from that style of music somehow, whereas if one day i’m listening to a soundtrack of some kind and then joy division or another band the next day then new ideas can flourish into what you’re doing.
As for films anyone that knows me knows that i’m a bit of an enthusiast about them. They are important to me musically for a number of reasons, things like sampling or even taking themes from a narrative and translating it into musical form to evoke certain moods or feelings.

What was the last piece of musical equipment you bought?

EMU6400 Ultra Sampler. I use either this or my AkaiS3000XL sometimes to run breaks through to add character & textures. Although I have a lot to learn about the EMU. I originally bought it for the famous filters it has but i’m yet to fully utilise them in my tracks, maybe this year i’ll sit down with it and do my homework though.

If you could choose any track, ever, to remix, what would you choose?

The first one to come to my head is 23 Skidoo - The Gospel Of New Guinea. The track is already a masterpiece but I’d be interested in trying to play with the samples as they are so rich and full of character. I probably wouldn’t do it anywhere near the justice it would deserve though.

What was your favourite release of last year? Across any genre. Tricky question eh… also, what are you listening to a lot right now?

I really loved Pessimist’s LP on Blackest Ever Black, such a fantastic record and one i’m proud to have featured on. Another standout was Monic - Regret Was Never So Sure, I played it ever since I had it on dub and continue to play it most sets. It’s just a perfect balance of depth & destruction.
Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Techno and ambient music, artists such as Regis, Vatican Shadow, Raime and so on. On the other end of the spectrum I’ve been gone back to some old classics like Portishead, Bjork, Future Sound Of London etc. I’m always listening to all types of music past & present.

Big up Jason. Here’s to 2018 and another successful year for UVB-76 as well as your own productions. Big thanks for putting the mix together for us.

Mix available to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Youtube!