Unearthed 2.0 - Website Relaunch

Last year we decided it was about time that our site had a refresh. We sent out a survey and were overwhelmed with the response we received. If you took part and wondered if any of these changes would be implemented, well they have been. We have been working hard on your new site and are now incredibly proud to unveil the finished product.

The site has undergone a total overhaul including a rebrand. We have a host of new features that should really improve the user experience. Including:

A slick, brand new audio player - This now follows you around the site enhancing the browsing experience and allowing you to continue to listen to your chosen audio whilst crate digging. We have also implemented an ‘add to cart’ button and link back to the product on the player so that if what you hear takes your fancy it is now easy for you to get back to that release and add it to your bag.

Improved navigation - We have broken down the genre’s further and made it easier to find your way around collections.

Charts - We all love our lists and charts. So now you can see which releases are being loved the most by our regulars. We showcase weekly, monthly and annual bestsellers.

Sold out items - Previously you would have to click into the product page of a release to find out if it was in stock or not, this drove us crazy and we are sure it did you too. Well now each item will have a sold out tag on it if we no longer have it in stock. We have also included a handy ‘Hide Sold Out’ button to further improve your browsing experience.

There are many other little changes we have made to the site with you in mind, so why not have a little browse around and see what you think. Any feedback would be massively appreciated.

When we started out on this venture 5 years ago we had a solid vision of what we wanted to provide to our labels, artists and customers but the doubt was always present as to whether or not it would work out. Well here we are 5 years down the line with a brand new site for you all to enjoy. We couldn’t have done it without the continual support of everyone involved day to day.

I am personally very proud of what has been achieved and hope you all enjoy what we have created.

Thank You!

Mat (Unearthed Sounds)