Tinnitus | A solution for the Ravers Curse?

I've had on again, off again Tinnitus for years.

Way too much time spent down the front at raves sticking my head in the bass bins, followed up with a decade or more of attending a gig or two every week - not to mention 25 years of playing records has left my ears (especially my left) with a few issues.

As far as deafness goes they are in about as good a shape as a 45 year old man can be with that history (A little under average when tested 2 years ago) But when I'm tired the dreaded two-tone whistle kicks in. 

When I was given this information on reddit a while back I couldn't believe that it worked.

It hasn't been a permanent fix for me, as after flying or gigs it can come back, but it does give some relief. The audiologist said I would just have to learn to live with it (and use the normal stuff of sleep and exercise)

I don't know anybody personally with a really chronic problem that has tried this, and people are getting varying results on the reddit thread, but there is no harming in trying it out for yourself.