Unearthed Sounds New Releases for the week commencing Friday 12th February 2016.

As usual we have compiled the majority of the music released on this date into a handy Soundcloud playlist for you to check out at your leisure!

All music available from unearthedsounds.com

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Tunnidge - Mobius Strip [12" Vinyl LP]
Label: Shining Tyger
Cat No: STY001
Release date: 12th February

Pre-order: http://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/collections/bass-pre-order-forthcoming/products/tunnidge-mobius-strip-lp

“Tunnidge (Deep Medi, Chestplate, Tectonic, Get Darker, Ghost Records, Origin Audio) explores esoteric realms with his debut album. Mobius Strip is a continuous psychedelic flow of electronica fluctuating between 140 & 160bpm permeated with soundscapes and vocal imagery”

a1. Tunnidge - Golden Bough
a2. Tunnidge - Amygadala
a3. Tunnidge - Hold Tight
a4. Tunnidge - Shaman
a5. Tunnidge - Avalon
a6. Tunnidge - Hermetica
b1. Tunnidge - Eyes Of Fear
b2. Tunnidge - One World
b3. Tunnidge - Stone Circle
b4. Tunnidge - My Family

Support: Mala, Pinch, Distance, Darkside, Hatcha, N Type, J:Kenzo, Youngsta, VIVEK, Kromestar, LX One, Leon Switch, District, Sleeper.

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