Our first playlist of 2018! We publish these weekly to provide to both shops and the public. Gives you a nice little heads up about what’s dropping in your stores imminently, usually releases are available to pre-order online already or at least they will be over the weekend.

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Unearthed Sounds - Mix Series, Vol. 1

As part of a new series we’re launching moving into 2018 we have got our buddy J:Kenzo to record the first in a series of mixes we will be showcasing from artists and labels we work with. We figured this would be a good way of showcasing our clients and their labels, displaying what they’re all about and also what they might have forthcoming....

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Cosmic Bridge [CBR014] Om Unit - Torchlight, Vol. 2
12" Vinyl
 Released: 26th February 2016

a1. Om Unit - Connector
a2. Om Unit - Mothership Riddim (featuring Mark Force)
b1. Om Unit - Adventures In Eden

Pre-order: http://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/products/om-unit-torchlight-vol-2

Cosmic Bridge kicks off 2016 with the second volume of Om Unit’s ‘Torchlight EP’ series, five productions of taut dance floor explorations for the mind, body, and soul.

Having achieved worldwide fame in the past few years with a refreshing take on dubstep, jungle, and sound system aesthetics that saw him embraced by the likes of Goldie (Metalheadz), dBridge (Exit Records), and Mala (DMZ/Deep Medi), Om Unit set up the Torchlight series in 2014 as an exploratory exercise, a way to “seek ideas to further what came before by breaking with personal tradition and exploring studio techniques.” This desire to shine a light into the darker corners of his creativity is also reflected in the series’ artwork, a rendering of the alchemical symbol for fire positioned inside the Vesica Piscis, a mathematical symbol representing the void.

Torchlight Vol. 2 continues Om Unit’s exploration of ideas perpendicular to templates of the dubstep, jungle, and drum & bass worlds. Locked on a 160– 170bpm guiding axis, the EP delves into the deep end of sound system beats with subtle melodic flourishes, thoughtful sampling, and loose structures. ‘Connector’ opens proceedings with the meditative focus Om Unit has made his trademark, the mood rising in an understated manner. ‘Adventures In Eden’ comes across like a lost 1994 Good Looking Records anthem, kicking off with a funky percussion line that is soon joined by dense, bright pads—leading the listener into the void—before the breaks are let loose for five minutes of raw skanking. On ‘Mothership Riddim’, Om Unit teams up with underground legend Mark Force (Reinforced Records, Bugz In The Attic) to call all ravers back aboard for further interplanetary dance floor journeys. The pair weave timeless elements—bright chords, fluid breaks, nasty bass lines—into an uplifting slice of future funk. The EP closes with a pair of eyes-down meditations: ’Transformation’ deploys samples that evoke a trek into the deep jungle while ‘Angry Buzz’ is a darker trip on the back of a bass line melody evoking the spirits of classic 2005 dubstep. Spread out!

Cosmic Bridge was set up in the spring of 2011 as a way for Om Unit to exercise a new found A&R sensibility. Through his support of established and new talents— Kromestar, Boxcutter, Danny Scrilla, Moresounds—the label has become a trusted independent source for fans of adventurous dance music. *Torchlight vol.1*, released in the summer of 2014, was Om Unit’s first solo release for the label and it’s fitting that vol.2 would open the label’s fifth year, setting the tone for what is to come.

Torchlight Vol. 2 is the sound of a producer in full control of his creativity inviting you along for a ride into the expanses of sound system’s future. Whether enjoyed at home, on the road, or in front of a speaker stack, just let go and come along.

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Out of the blue comes Kromestar with a brand spanking new label. Having made big waves with Nebula Music Group last year Kromestar comes at us with a new imprint in the form of Library Music, billed as an ‘experimental outlet’ that will feature a variety of artists and collaborations (all hush hush right now)… 001 comes courtesy of Danny Scrilla (Cosmic Bridge / Civil Music / ZamZam Sounds).


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