Producers sharing Private Tracks on Soundcloud | Piracy Warning

Unearthed would like to point out that a very common way for Producers and Record Labels to share demos and works in progress can be risky from a Piracy point of view. 

soundcloud piracy is real

This has been seen posted in more than one place recently, so I think it may be time to use another technique to share your work privately. It does take a little bit of time/guess work from the pirate, but goes to show that it can be done. If somebody really wants your stuff they can find it - look after your creations.

(I took the time to try this out - IT DOES WORK - so i took out any real life data)

  • Find the webpage with private Soundcloud track embedded
  • Use browser inspector to find the iframe of Soundcloud embed
  • Copy url of the iframe
  • Find the url ID of track url

(it's always between "secret_token%3D" and "&auto_play")

  • Find where track was uploaded (click artist link from embed)
  • This part is kinda guess work, but usually works: add end of that soundcloud account url you just opened with slash (if it doesn't have already) and same track name that was on the embed with lowercased letters, spaces replaced with dashes and no brackets / special characters.

(this doesn't always work because uploaded track maybe have different metadata that Soundcloud generates track page with)

  • Add slash and url ID to end of the url.