Pugilist & Mystik - Misty In Roots FROM MODERN HYPNOSIS...

Pugilist & Mystik - Misty In Roots


Release Date - 24th May 2019

The A side ‘Sabu’; a unique blend of polyrhythmic Latin inspired percussion and chanting, complemented with a rolling bass line and dreamy synthesised chord progression; is a genre blending trip, sitting at 135bpm, capable of taking a set in many directions.

On the flip side, two sophistically crafted Dub-Step pieces. ‘Misty in Roots’, taken from the vaults after hypnotising dances in Melbourne on dub plate for the last 3 years. Minimal, meditative, eyes down music. '2 Steps Backwards’ (available vinyl only) is an energetic 140bpm piece. Nostalgic roots inspired 'Dub-step of old’ is infused with creative oscillating synthesis, musicality, and post modern dubbing techniques. A subtle bass line switch up on the second drop guarantees satisfaction.

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