The Joy of a Packaged Record

If you have been collecting Vinyl for a while, then you are aware of the joy of still packaged vinyl.

IIt doesn’t matter if you are the kind of collector that buys 20 records at once, or if you see it drop and flash the money straight away; you can’t beat the feeling of the doorbell going and the records landing in your lap. For those of us outside of the big cities, this is now the de facto replacement for the saturday record shop trip.

Thing is, I could be different to the norm (I haven’t done a poll on this subject, but the majority of people I have spoken to can’t wait to open em up and get em on the turntable - for obvious reasons!) When my records arrive I like to leave them lying around the place for an indeterminate length of time.

With a packet of unopened virgin vinyl, the anticipation of the new music IS the lion's share of the joy of it. This is also reflected in how I purchase music. I browse the clips to get a rough flavour of what it is I am buying - then I deliberately avoid any writeups or full versions of the track - It is all about that joy of discovering a record that jumps out of the speakers at you.

give vinyl records as gifts!
Record mailers are beautiful!


Conversely, this can play against you. More often than not your recent purchase doesn’t QUITE reach the dizzy heights you desire, bringing me back to why I leave records in their packaging for so long… as long as they are inside they COULD be one of those magical discs.

The majority of records get opened within a week of being delivered, but there are some (a shelf full actually, in a different room to my main collection) that have never been opened. A Brian Eno wooden box with record and signed artwork, a rare numbered MF Doom collection (well it could be a 12” square block of plastic for all I know) Some hand screen printed chicago house etc. These fetishised items made a rare transition from the playing shelves to the secret stash.

So the final piece of the puzzle is the packet itself. To be perfect it needs a few details. Some kind of external marking to show where it has come from (packing tape with logos, a postage frank or watermark) and something to show that getting into it will be a joy. (pull tabs, or a cut here mark) It’s not fun to have to spend 20 mins attacking it with a knife worrying that you are going to damage the goods.

So there you have it, my fetish laid bare. I can’t be the only one - can I?