Margari’s Kid - We Are Ghosts Now FROM COSMIC BRIDGE RECORDS...

Margari’s Kid - We Are Ghosts Now


Release Date - 10th May 2019

Om Unit - “Across the microcosms of Drum & Bass off shoots there are many sound-a-likes clinging to cliche’d references and rigid tropes; This only leads to a stale, repetitive and self referential culture and is why Margari’s Kid supersedes his peers. Standing alone he creates deceptively beautiful and human tracks that while they feel simple, are in fact intricately layered with detail and emotion. These tracks are testament to the rich rewards achieved when a person injects a sense of real humanity into the often overly-technical domain of minimalism. As Margari’s Kid, José María Moya Sánchez is is almost entirely leaning out of the pre-existing sphere of Drum & Bass and dancing in the rain on his own. This could be the beginning of something very special, and I think you should really pay attention.” #electronic #dnb #drumandbass #electronicvinyl #dnbvinyl #vinyl #newmusic #photooftheday #instagood #unearthed #unearthedsounds #cosmicbridgerecords
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