Louie [Foamplate] Interview

Crucial Recordings recently presented their third release from rising star Foamplate ‘7.5 EP’. To celebrate the release we sat down with Louie, and basically grilled him (not literally)
[Originally posted via UnearthedSounds Sept 2015]

Where did you grow up? (And did it influence your sound?)

LF: In the UK. I was born in London and then moved around quite a bit. It’s definitely had a strong impact on the music I make.

Is it possible to sum up your musical approach in three words?

LF: Drums. Bass. Space.

Are you a vinyl purist or are all formats welcome?

LF: I only mix vinyl and dub plates but happy for people to use digital files/any other formats to mix.

Do you consider yourself part of a Genre or Scene?

LF: A scene, with blurry edges.

Are you an outboard gear man, or an in the box kind of producer?

LF: Both

What was the last piece of musical equipment you bought?

LF: A Roland VT-3, it’s wicked running synthesisers through it.

What has been the most fun gig of the year so far to play at?

LF: The July Dubplate Sessions Drift X Kiroku night at Surya in London, with Joe Nice, Sleeper, Karma, Sepia, Sun Of Selah & Chuckman. Was such an intimate vibe and so much good music, Getting that sort of line up in a venue that small rarely happens, so it was a particularly memorable night. Then we all went down to Brighton the next day and had another session at The Arch on the seafront.

And if you aren’t doing the muziks thing what do you do with your time to unwind (as you are near the sea, do you get in it)?

LF: Usually walks in the South Downs, or relaxing on the beach. I’ve only been in the sea in Brighton once and I’m not too drawn to getting in again!

What was the last record you bought?

LF: Benga - Invasion [BAM 008]

And now for the big one… Do you like Chips?

LF: Yes! But homemade ones, and especially when made with sweet potato.