Label Portal Guide | Unearthed Sounds

Welcome to the Label Portal.

Here at Unearthed Sounds we try our best to listen to the people that we work with - Those being the independent record labels that use our services to distribute their records.

To be able to efficiently run your label you need to be able to keep a close eye on your stock levels. This enables you to re-order that killer 12” when you get low; or give a helping hand to a record that needs a little more care, attention or promotion.

Another useful feature is the ability to see which shops took your record - and how many they have in stock. Handy information to have when planning an Ad Campaign. This can also help give content to add to social media posts and to give buy-links to potential buyers of your record.

Within this portal you can also find a current statement of account, showing how much is in your account - useful for budgeting that next release.

This has been carefully assembled to allow you the Label Owners an ‘at a glance’ view into the current status of your Record Label.

*** PLEASE NOTE - All data history shown is from February 2018 onwards (Purchasers and Statement) ***


You will arrive at the Inventory Page, showing Stock Availability, and Stock In Hand this is updated live as sales are processed.

(Sometimes there is a discrepancy between the two numbers. Stock Availability is the amount of records still to sell, Stock in hand is the amount actually in the building - it may be higher as some of your stock could be in a box ready to go to a store but hasn’t gone out of the door yet)

We hope you will find this a useful tool when assessing which artist is a good seller, what record needs some promotion etc. You can also download this information as a CSV file.


Selecting Purchasers from the menu (see left below) Takes you to a screen showing which shops have taken your release, and how many they have taken.

This information is also accessible on the inventory page by clicking on the warehouse icon next to each stock item.

There is a drop down allowing you to select each of your releases (see above), and also data entry fields enabling you to pick a date range.

This information is also available as a downloadable CSV


The final page in the first release of the Portal (This is now in development, with phase two in production, and phase three in planning) is the Statement Page

This will include a list of all incoming and outgoing money, with the total owed from Unearthed Sounds (if any) at the top. This will automatically be updated with your new sales report on the 15th of each month.

We hope that this will become a valuable tool in the running of your label - If you have an idea for a feature that you would like to see, or any feedback on the project so far, please let us know.

IIn Development:

Alongside the launch of the portal with the 3 core modules we are currently developing further modules and will be hoping to launch these over the coming weeks, we will of course let you know as soon as they are enabled in your account.

  • Stock out feature: You will be able to select items from your inventory to mailout to yourself or artists affiliated with the label. This will be as simple as selecting the items from your inventory, filling in the address of the recipient and we will do the rest.

  • Historical Statement Information: The statement you currently see shows all open sales and bills, once these are cleared off (Paid) they are removed from the statement so that it only ever shows open items.

The next step will be that historical information will be available on the account for you to view and each item will be available to download as a pdf for your records if you were to ever require it.

Bandcamp Fulfilment Integration: Many of you currently use our bandcamp fulfilment service, this will soon be visible in the portal so you are able to see the status of your orders placed by your customers. You will also be able to see the available stock you have in your bandcamp store.