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The meteoric rise of Innamind Recordings as a staple go-to label is a story of profound beauty. Founded three years ago by a young Jeremy Pattinson, Innamind has grown from a digital only platform to a crucial “all-eyes-on” vinyl imprint releasing eccentric bass driven sounds rooted in the foundational aesthetic - dubstep in its purest art form. However, unlike some of his peers behind other well known and highly respected flagship labels, Jeremy lacked any prior producer titles or iconic DJ credentials. Where System and Artikal were logical moves for Vivek and J:Kenzo, Jeremy’s reasoning (against all warning and advice) rested on one simple notion: for the love of the sound. A combination of careful decision making and timely releases, coupled with a strong artist portfolio attracting a loyal fan base has seen Innamind evolve into an iconic record label cum global brand championing “instabag” status, a privilege only few can command in today’s music climate. With Innamind’s 14th release on the horizon and Blacklist002 in the pipeline, Jake and I finally managed to pin down Jeremy for an interview to discuss the success of his label, his new ventures in the US, and what he has planned for the future. He also kindly recorded an exclusive dubplate mix. Enjoy >>

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