ASC - Clear Skies / Nimbus [Handstamped White Label 12"]...

ASC - Clear Skies / Nimbus [Handstamped White Label 12"] FROM AUXILIARY

Release Date: 13th December 2019 ‘I recently discovered a bunch of atmospheric drum & bass I had written around 2006-2008 on an old backup drive that I thought was long gone. Upon discovering the contents, I found a group of tracks that I had totally forgot about, so it almost felt like hearing them for the first time. Clear Skies was due to be released on vinyl around 2007 (I think?), but for reasons I cannot recall, it never happened. Instantly, the thought of putting this out on vinyl came to me and here we are. I felt that out of this specific batch of tracks, Nimbus was the one that complimented Clear Skies the most, which is also a nice dichotomy between having a clear sky and having one full of nimbus clouds. This marks the fourth white label release for the series, and something that might open the way for more releases in a similar vein.’ - ASC

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