Tunes & Chips | Sleeper, Crucial Recordings

The second instalment on Sleeper’s new imprint Crucial Recordings feeds off the success of 001.

Alex continues in quick style to unleash 002 - Sleeper : Shatterz EP with three slices of previously unheard material now doing the rounds on the DJ circuit courtesy of J:Kenzo, Distance, N-Type and more. Deep and experimental Dubstep from one of the most interesting producers on the scene right now.

We thought he was a worthy candidate for a questioning, this and that and stuff n chips. So lets start the interrogation. 

where did you grow up? (And did it influence your sound?)

I grew up in Coventry which had no real influence on my sound I don't think. There was not much of a music scene happening around there at the time, although there is a strong history of reggae and drum and bass in the city. I did live in Leeds for a while though, which is where I got fully into this sound. The scene up there was crazy at the time and had a lot more influence on my sound than where I grew up.

Is it possible to sum up your musical approach in three words?

Yeah. Bit of fun.

Are you a vinyl purist or are all formats welcome?

No I have never been a vinyl purist. I have always bought music on different formats and I've always listened to music on whatever format is best for the situation I'm in and I kinda like it like that.

Are you an outboard gear man, or an in the box kind of producer?

I would love to get some nice outboard stuff but at the minute its just not an option for me because everything is out of my price range haha. But I'm pretty happy with what I have got so no complaints. I do love my midi stuff, I use it for recording live dubs on my tracks and it's a lot of fun but would obviously prefer it to be a more analogue set up.

What was the last piece of musical equipment you bought?

I think it was those little Korg Monotron things, they were about £30 each and a lot of fun.

What has been the most enjoyable gig of the year so far to play at?

We did a thing with the guys from 'The Mine' in Brighton earlier this year, it was kind of a label launch party thing with Piezo, Kaiju, a good friend Guiding Star Hi-Fi and myself. The system in there is great and the vibes inside were real nice all night. Shouts to Duku for making that one happen!

And if you aren’t out playing, just looking to chill where on the planet do you head?

To the kitchen. If i'm not working on music I'm working on a plate of food.

What was the last record you bought?

I found Lionel Ritchie - All Night Long in the market in town for £1, insta bagged.

And now for the big one… Do you like Chips?

Not overly fussed on them to be honest, plus they can be very hit and miss. (obviously this interview has taken a downward turn at the end, but you can't win em all)