Danny Scrilla takes the Tunes and Chips Challenge

Danny Scrilla returns to Cosmic Bridge!

The label that introduced him to the world with his stunning ‘Flash Powder’ EP in 2012 now gives you his ‘True Sight’ EP. Including a collaboration with label boss Om Unit, drawing on the hardcore continuum and regression in modernist music True Sight’s soul-infused electronics and vintage sound should prove future-proof for the elusive soundboy.

We caught up with him to talk turkey about this new release, artwork

>>> and chips of course. Well, we sort of have a formula now..

danny scrilla
Lets start easy - Where are you from? 

I grew up in a small town called Landshut in the south-east of Germany. It's pretty close to Munich where I currently live.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

I don't think so but I'll try: spheric, melancholic, weighty

What do you consider to be your musical roots, as you have a very varied palette of music represented on your releases?

Hard to pin that down since I've always been interested in all sorts of music but I guess Reggae and Dub have played a vital role in my musical upbringing. I think the Dub influence is probably the most noticeable one. I think one can draw something interesting from almost every genre though. Just a question of incorporating it well and giving it your own twist.

Looks like you move house quite a bit, do you find it hard to setup your studio again after each change?

Well my studio, if you want to call it that, pretty much always remained in the same spot. I did spend quite a lot of time away from it the past couple years which has always been tough. If I don't get to create anything for a few days I'll get a bit irritated and I'm not much fun to be around then.

The artwork on True Sight brings fractals / crop circles to mind - is this an interest of yours?

Not particularly but geometry in general has always fascinated me and was probably the only math related subject in school that I was remotely good at. The art on my previous Cosmic Bridge release is also geometry based so it made sense to go with something more similar but maybe a little bit more organic like the music itself.

Are you an outboard gear man, or an in the box kind of producer?

100% in the box. I'm often being asked this question by other producers or people who book me and they are usually surprised to hear that everything I make was created with a PC.

What was the last piece of musical equipment you bought?

Probably an FX pedal for the electric guitar my dad bought me. Think it was one of those digital multi-fx pedals by Korg.

Talking of buying stuff, what was the last record you bought?

Must have been "Soul Jazz Records presents - Studio One Dub". Long overdue purchase. Loads of classics on there.

Got any gigs planned to showcase this record? Whats coming up for you on the travel tip?

I've got a few upcoming gigs here in Germany but just regular shows, no record release party or anything. Same on the travel front really, I just played a gig in London though and would love to come back sometime soon. Always have a good time in the UK.

Do you like Chips?

But of course, I'm human after all!  Cheers!