Paxton Fettel takes the Tunes & Chips Challenge - Everything stays the same

Copenhagen's most infamous export Paxton Fettel joined us recently for a chat. He is over in the UK at the moment promoting his new LP on Greta Cottage Workshop, Everything stays the same, and chugging around Dartmoor in a pickup truck.

Find him playing this weekend at Plumage Records' Disco Lounge at Mare Street, London. (Saturday 9th May)


OK, lets get this interview started then... All the important questions!

How long did this record take to make? 

I started working on it in early June last year. Record was cut in February, so roughly 9 months i'd say. Of course i didn't spend 8 hours a day working on it, but there wasn't a week where i didn't have my hands on it.

Is it all you on this record or are there others lurking in the background?

Aside from the collaboration with Takuya, and feedback from friends, this is all me.

This record has a ‘live’ sound - how do you manage this? Is it all recorded in the box or do you have loads of external gear?

It's a good mix of both i'd say. I've got some stuff on the PC that's really lush, and i've got some great hardware too. Getting the best of both worlds is the essential thing here.

I could go on for hours about how i did each track, but it gets old pretty quickly. I like to play music, and think programming music is a bore, so i suppose that has something to do with the "live" feeling of the record.

What is your favourite bit of studio kit?

That is an impossible question, my instruments are my tools - they all have their pro's and cons in different situations, but here in my studio, all the gears get the total love package.

To name a few bits used a lot on this album :

Roland V-Synth
Rhodes MK II
Moog Slim Phatty
Roland D-110
Korg MS-20 Mini
The Moogerfooger pedals.
API EQ & Comp.

Lovely artwork with this package - whats the thinking behind this and who did it?

Phil T. (PhilMyArt) did it. When considering who i wanted to do the artwork for the album we (Greta) had a few people in mind. But when Densham suggested Phil i think i was on right away. His art just fits so well with my idea of how i'd like the cover to be. It has alot of hidden messages, peace signs etc. Which resonates well with the way i make music. It's all about the details.

EDM the bandwagon - good for the electronic scene as people grow up and move out, or pure devils work ?

Well i actually don't have an opinion on the EDM scene. I believe it to die, but honestly i don't care. We live in a free world, and if people wanna listen to EDM, OD on cheeseburgers, watch the news with their shoes on their head... who am i to judge?

When it comes to music, are you House Music all the way or do you have a broader taste?

I've always found it hard to understand genres, to me House Music is more a certain way of doing & understanding music, not a particular genre. I think that is quite obvious when listening to the album.
I still put on some metal from time to time. Every style of music has it's talents.

How do you know the GCW people?

To cut a quite long story short, we met through Soundcloud. Today it's a family thing. We all work hard to keep GCW going.

When DJing or playing live, do you use a computer ever? (If yes do you sometimes email your significant other mid-set to ask whats for breakfast?)

I do have a computer & i've used it before when doing live sets..
I've never done something like that though, i always turn off the wi-fi when i play live, because i'm affraid alien trolls will remote-desktop the shit out of me.

What is the best night out you have had in the last 12 months?

I was in on doing a DIY NYE party this year, where i played back-2-back with some long time Danish friends and a good portion of the Greta Crew... Prolly best night ever.

Are you a vinyl collector that keeps sealed copies of things, and buys bits not to play - or are they tools of the trade?

I play my music - records are best when spinning. People can do whatever they want with their records, but i'd feel sorry for one of mine if it had to stay on a shelf until one day thrown out, by their dead owners grandchildren.

Who cuts your records? And do you attend the cut?

Lewis @ Stardelta mastering. He's a Wizard King in his own tower. I think it will be hard finding a man better suited for the task.

What was the last record you acquired?

Must've been Linkwoods "Expressions" Album.

Do you like chips? If they come with beer.

LP Released on 25th May